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Welcome to LL Law Firm, which is located at 2999 Boulevard, Suite 180 in Roseville, California.


We advocate for family protection and unification, the American dream opportunity, and just compensation through our quality legal services in estate planning, business planning, immigration, and personal injury. LL Law Firm is committed to being your top choice for legal advice.


Enhancing Family Protection Through Estate Planning

Tuesday Live Webinars in the community
Personalized home visits, catering to busy professionals and those with physical mobility constraints.



Our immigration team assists with visa applications for both non-immigration and immigration purposes, family, employment, and investment-based green cards, and naturalization and citizenship applications.  We are dedicated to helping individuals and families achieve their immigration goals, whether for family unification or seeking the opportunity for the American dream.


Estate planning is a powerful tool to safeguard your minors, family assets, and family harmony. It offers the added benefit of tax savings and shields you from the burdensome and costly probate process, both during your lifetime and after your passing. Surprisingly, only 40% of American families have a family estate plan. At LL Law Firm, Attorney Lisa Liu, with her extensive medical background both internationally and domestically, deeply understands the value of family and the challenges faced by hardworking individuals like you. She holds Live Tuesday estate planning workshops and personalized home visits, catering to busy professionals and those with physical mobility constraints.

Our team ensures just compensation for individuals who suffered physical, emotional, or financial harm as a result of the other party's intentional or negligent action or inaction.


Business entity formation, operating agreement drafting, and business succession planning.

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