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Lisa Liu [中文]

Attorney Lisa Liu is the founder of LL Law Firm based in Roseville, California. LL Law Firm was established with a mission to promote family unification and opportunities for the American dream through immigration law, and advance family and asset protection through estate and business planning. Through her vast experience working with people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds as a professional traveling internationally, Lisa has developed a deep respect for and genuine understanding of people. This was the inspiration behind the mission of the LL Law Firm and the bedrock of her legal practice.

Lisa is an active member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) and serves as an EB-5 Immigration Attorney at LL Law Firm. With years of experience, she has successfully assisted numerous individuals and families with immigration and nonimmigration visas, citizenship and naturalization, and other immigration law matters. 

Lisa is particularly passionate about guiding international entrepreneurs through the complex process of bringing or expanding their business ventures in America, helping them achieve their goals of working, conducting business, and living in America. This includes constructing suitable business structures and meeting criteria to accomplish their immigration objectives.

In addition to her immigration expertise, Lisa is experienced in estate planning for individuals, families, and business owners, helping them achieve asset protection, tax savings, and smooth succession through tailored trusts and business succession planning. Understanding the value of knowledge in decision-making, Lisa commits her Tuesday afternoons to educating the community on estate planning through the Tuesday Live Estate Planning Workshop. 

Lisa takes great pride in the dedicated team that supports her practice, deeply valuing each member's contribution and being grateful for their hard work behind the scenes.


Proficient in both English and Mandarin/Chinese.


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